How is organic and grass-fed beef different?

If you are fond of taking products offered by cows including meat, then you need to learn more about organic grass fed beef. This is something, which most of the people, does not understand but for those who are more health conscious and want to know more about all this must try to get more information about it.

So, if there is any difference between organic and grass-fed cows, then what it is.

The first thing that you need to understand is that cows whether fed organic food or are grass fed, they are superior in comparison to the ones which are confined to a feedlot. This is also true for organic grass fed beef and other dairy products.

What is a grass-fed cow?

If you buy a dairy product which comes with a label that reads “grass-fed,” then this means that the cow was exclusively fed grass in addition to hay and forage. In a nutshell, one can say that the cow was not given grains and its diet profusely depended on the green grass. Now, the twist here is that nowhere it is said that the grass which the cows were fed had no pesticides or that the cows were given no antibiotics or hormones.

What is an organic cow product?

When you buy a product that clearly states “organic”, then this means it comes from organic cows. These cows are fed all types of organic food, which includes grazing of green grass as well as grain and fodder. The major difference lies in the fact that organic grass-fed beef is healthy as the cows are not given any antibiotics or any other growth-enhancing hormones. The farmers that supply organic cows products ensure that they use no pesticides or fertilizers on their farmland at least for the past three years so that the farm on which the cows feed keeps them healthy.

What is the trend?

The trend in today’s world is that most of the cows are fed on the farm which uses pesticides and even they are given hormonal injections. That is why when you consume the dairy products and meat of such cows then you become prone to many health problems.

ConclusionThe best way to ensure that you consume healthy milk and meat you must opt for organic grass fed beef. These are good for you and are available in the market easily at affordable prices. You can search it easily online and you will be able to buy these products effortlessly.